My Story

As a child I was a dreamer, a rock collector and a chaser of all things rare and uncommon.
My wild soul was always searching for ways to express what was going on in my heart and mind.
As a teenager and young adult I would pore over fashion magazines for hours. I was constantly
inspired by beautiful photographs that shared my view of the world. This led me to study
Graphic Design and Advertising at Conestoga College. After years of pursuing art, photography,
design and fashion I decided to focus on the one thing I absolutely love to do... designing jewellery!
Everything changed from that moment on. I finally felt like all the paths that had been intertwining
throughout my life had brought me to this place... where truth + magic happens.

Every accessory I make is designed and handcrafted (often by the light of the moon) in my home
studio. The materials I use in the creation of each piece are chosen based on their minimal impact
to the environment. Since I live close to the beach I often collect feathers and fossils to incorporate
into my designs. Various combinations of found objects such as: antique buttons, beads and coins,
spent bullet shells, oxidized chain, recycled bicycle tire and semi-precious stones also find their way
into the jewellery I produce. 

The moon is both simple and complex. The jewellery I design also reflects this concept.  It explores
the dance between the hard and the soft edged and the play of darkness against the light.
My design philosophy is lush minimalism...infused with free-spirited attitude. The pieces I make
are edgy, forward-thinking and made for the rebels, the love warriors and the dreamers of dreams. 

In Peace...
Kim Gates


“and if you are to love,
love as the moon loves;
it does not steal the night-
it only unveils the beauty
of the dark.
- isra al-thibeh

© 2015 Lunamoon